The Art of Embracing Damage

In this art work which made as a final project for drawing lesson, the subject was to realize a drawing on large format (1m) by attacking different ways of the figure. Either in plastic order; scratches, cuts, deletion, composition/recomposition, fragmentation, etc. or in symbolic order; damage, injury, dismemberment, distortion, etc.

In my drawing, there is a nude female figure, standing, and her body is distorted, injured, damaged and burned. The damaged parts of her body are stitched with wire. The golden liquid coming out of her injures instead of blood, is the main metaphor in this drawing and inspired from Kintsugi which is the Japanese art of accepting cracks, damages, and deterioration of time on objects. Tsugi means “join” and kin means “gold”. There are several traditional options in this technique for restoring objects. Gold joinery, kin-tsugi, silver joinery, gin-tsugi, or with a natural lacquer, urushi-tsugi. This craft could also be associated with wabi-sabi, a philosophy which focuses and accepts beauty of imperfections in nature. This philosophy is an interesting approach in our modern society, always seeking instantaneousness, perfection and competition for eternal youth.

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