‘Conceptual’ Installation

Inspired by the Conceptual Art, Conceptual Photography and artists like Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, as well as the ready-mades of Marcel Duchamp, this exposition ‘conceptuel’ questions the ways of existence or creation of a concept, idea.

“All art (after Duchamp) is (by nature) conceptual because art exists only conceptually.” -Joseph Kosuth

This is an installation which expose the procedure of the creation of a photoshop image as a conceptual artwork. Every element in this installation could have been easily created on photoshop by combining different photos, instead all these ideas and concepts are given volume and installed by using the element it self. Afterwards, once the installation is completed, the concepts are taken photo and are reproduced more clearly and distinctly on photoshop. The concepts can be interpreted as a single element, also as an assembly of ideas.


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