Alice in Wonderland!

A street art project by Sedef Sezginer and Christelle Abou Jawdeh where we decorate the fire cabinets in the 13th district of Paris. This project is financed by the Mayor of the 13th district. Our goal is to share and illustrate the magic of Alice’s world with the citizens of Paris and with the tourists. 6 fire cabinets are decorated since the beginning of the project and they are all located in Place Jeanne d’Arc 75013. All the sketches are our designs inspired from the scenes of the movie and the book. We call ourselves as “Queens S and C” and you can follow our work from our instagram or facebook page;
Queens S and C Instagram Page
Queens S and C Facebook Page

First fire cabinet:

Seconde fire cabinet:

Third fire cabinet:

Forth fire cabinet:

Fifth fire cabinet:

Sixth fire cabinet:

And more to come…

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