Photo Series: Pop Art in the Pool

This is a serie of photographies taken during the process of a project called “Pop Art in the Pool”. This project, whose theme is the swimming pool, is the result of several stages created throughout the progress of the project. At first, the theme is taken into account by its three axes; The patterns in the pool, the objects in the pool and the body in the water. The chosen swimming pool in Paris was the Roger Le Gall swimming pool in the 12th that I frequent a lot. Secondly, by focusing on these three axes, it is a photographic presentation of this place and what we find in it, such as the architecture of the building, the materials used during the swimming training, the water patterns, pool tiles, walls and fragmentation of the body in the water. The photos are taken rather with a close-up by bringing as close as possible to show the details that we see not often. Then, objects with their bright colors and water patterns brought us to a concept that brings them together; “Pop Art in the Pool”.


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The architecture of the pool:


The patterns in the pool:

The objects in the pool: