To be confronted with the Unknown

unknown: adj, nm. (speaking of things) whose existence or nature is unknown.

We decided to explore the relationship to the unknown through this object as an anomaly of an unknown form that leaves no reference. Its utility escapes the people who confront it. They find themselves destitute, in the impossibility of being able to confer a familiar identity or a real use to the object: quirky, buboose, pointy and rotten, one can not establish with certainty how and why to use this strange thing. Alternately nightmarish, unspeakable strangeness or even fruit of insecurity, the impossibility of establishing the analysis of the object causes embarrassment. This is because of the confrontation with the unknown, a situation that can inspire anxiety or a sense of inadequacy and discomfort. Not being able to name or give an identity forces the people interacting with the object to use all the possible mechanisms of recognition of elements in order to be able to draw a satisfactory conclusion, in vain.

We created this item by trying to constitute an object without hierarchy (or sense of reading the object), and without reference, without real point of attachment that can say how to interact with it. The object is in plaster, smooth and white, with despite all a certain concern of symmetry to make believe something manufactured, something that can be produced in series, and this in order not to undergo the effect “object of gallery “and that the subjects of the device are taken from the desire to say that it is a sculpture.

This same device consisted of a simple system: several people chosen at random were asked to manipulate the object, to observe it, then to describe the object, to establish its function, and to give us the feeling felt against it, and this, being filmed. There were no good answers to the questions, the object was created in order to not be able to respond to any particular use. The experience lay in putting several people in front of an unknown element and confronting it in order to succeed in dissecting it, in extracting something to be attached to it.

Being confronted with the unknown implies a form of surprise, chance and unforeseen. This is what we can not create a link and before which we can only use our emotions and our instinct much more than our knowledge in which we can no longer draw answers. A confrontation implies a relationship, however “to be confronted” implies a form of stress of attention of the individual. Thus the latter can not hide his discomfort with his state of incomprehension which paralyzes him and thus seeks help or to find a good answer. The individual is forced to seek in his imagination fragments of reality to fill the hesitations. These people were interrupted in their routine to experiment in turn this meeting.

Early Sketches:

The Object:

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The Encounter:

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