Add-App is a simple and fun way to discover new people! Connect with new people around you. Show yourself, get in touch with the locals and people of your hometown! Add-App works worldwide. You can use Add-App when traveling as a backpacker, student, expat or just on vacation and want to socialize.


The OBJECTIVE is to propose a social / professional network of proximity which will allow its users to “all” share, which will encourage them to integrate and to create a new social and professional environment and which will strongly encourage the meeting between registered. We reverse the system and put the user in the center of the application!
This social network that meets several priority needs for a foreigner would bring together people around common interests, offering them events according to their desires and availability. Relationships will no longer be suggested in random ways, they will be selected by affinities, interests and geolocation! Proximity is at the heart of the project, so they can make the choice to render and / or receive services according to their needs. An application that is based on the process of adaptation and coexistence and which aims to unite different lives and worlds, to facilitate adaptation in its environment, to avoid loneliness in everyday life.
The thought application offering many possibilities to its users, is positioned
breaking with traditional social networks, human contact is his main focus.
The TARGET is any foreign person of any age who has a smart-phone.
The NAME of the application comes from “ADAPTATION” and the English word “ADD”. The pronunciation of the name of the app is reminiscent of the English verb “to adapt”.

Add-App is an international network of expatriates, mobile citizens, global nomads, friends and international students. What differentiates the Add-App from other applications in its field, is the unification of several services based on the needs of a specific target; “Aliens” in one application to create a clear image in the minds of users. As an international app, Add-App offers use of the app in 80 different languages. It is a free application available on App Store for IOS and also for Android. It is possible to find the mobile version and also the desktop version.

The MISSION is to bring together great people from all over the world who, although often separated by borders and oceans, share a common experience that values ​​diversity, worldly perspective, culture, and a taste for great events and good times. In other words, Add-App has the goal of bridging the gap between the digital and physical world, between ourselves and the new environment.

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