Add-App is a simple and fun way to discover new people! Connect with new people around you. Show yourself, get in touch with the locals and people of your hometown! Add-App works worldwide. You can use Add-App when traveling as a backpacker, student, expat or just on vacation and want to socialize. The objective is to propose a social / professional network of proximity which will allow its users to “all” share, which will encourage them to integrate and to create a new social and professional environment and which will strongly encourage the meeting between registered. We reverse the system and put the user in the center of the application! Continue reading Add-App

Visuospatial Disorder, Confusion

Here, it’s about a stimulating machine design causing visual and spatial confusion, unease, awkwardness and the loss of spatial notions ispired by a sensitive experience relating to space (The Holocaust, also referred to as the Shoah; Berlin).
Le Corbusier: “La construction c’est fait pour tenir et l’architecture pour émouvoir.” Continue reading Visuospatial Disorder, Confusion

Scenography : The Odyssey

This is a minimalist and symbolic scenography design for the Odyssey. The appearance is dreamlike. The whole decor is made by inspiring a minimalist concept while maintaining an aesthetic appearance in terms of colors. When reading the Odyssey, the logic of the tale was imposed, reflecting a discontinuous narration recounting the adventures of Ulysses since his departure from the Ilha for the Trojan War and his years of wandering before his return. Continue reading Scenography : The Odyssey